Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Small Caddis

Great Looking Bow
Threw some line out tonight for a couple of hours. The thunderstorms were threatening but I managed to dodge a bullet. I saw a good amount of small caddis in the air which is a great sign. I think I even saw my first Hendrickson of the year. Hopefully with the recent warm up these guys will be showing themselves more frequently. The Hendrickson is my favorite hatch to fish all season.....hungry fish and less pressured fish=good success on top when the water level is right. I managed a few fish under the surface in the short amount of time I spent on the water.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sore Shoulders

Good Bow
I met my buddy Pat from Central PA for an outing today. We started off early and I finished late but the fishing was stellar! I don't need to get into details the photo's will explain how our trip went.

25 inch brown

24 inch brown

24 inch brown......Pat's Killing Me!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Winter Revisiting

Native Brookie
East Coast Cutthroat! 
Mike and I had a float planned but we cancelled due to Old Man Winter making another appearance this spring. We decided just to wade fish some local waters so we didn't get stuck on the Yough all day with high winds and rain.

Scenic River
The fishing was pretty good in the area we first started fishing. The fish were laying smack down on the bottom of the stream so deep rigs and flawless drifts were needed to fool this wild trout. Stoneflies and small mayfly nymph's fooled most of the fish for us today. We did see a few small caddis flies buzzing around but the wind would blow them off the water quickly. Even so we did see a few risers here and there. I was lucky enough to land 4 different species of trout today....a very rare occurrence on the East Coast.

Rainbow Trout
Pocket Water Galore!
In the evening we went to a smaller Native/Stocked stream and had good success there as well. We even saw a few more fish rising and Mike reeled in his first dry fly fish of the year. It was great to get out and we had a very productive day. Hopefully the Yough flows will stay where they are at for a few day's....I'm itching to get out on the river!

Mike in the April Snow Squal

Finally got my hands on a few of these guys today

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crowds and Stockies

Good Looking Water
Local streams are still flowing high because of the rain we had this past week. There was one area stream that didn't get effected as badly so the Grobe clan ventured out that way. When we arrived we drove down to an area void of cars. We got into the water and caught fish pretty consistently on an array of nymph's, really enjoyed this section of water....(we ran into Travis from www.westernmarylandflyfishing.blogspot.com and he showed us around....THANKS TRAVIS!)

One of the many "BOWS" landed today
We decided to drive around and find more water but the stream was full of anglers. We finally got into a section with less fisherman and put a hurting on some fish. I did see some Little Black Stone's popping off but nothing to get fish to the surface. They are calling for a 1/4 inch of rain tomorrow......the streams will come up once again!

Little Pot Belly 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Quick Trip To Get Back In The Groove

Nice Little Brookie
I haven't been out on the water for a few weeks due to a late season ski trip and an injured back. The recovery time from this injury is killing me! The water has been high so it's helps knowing there are not many streams to fish right now.

Little Black Stone
I decided to test out the back today on a smaller mountain stream close to my house. I did "ok" and was very cautious wading. The water was up and it made things a bit more challenging but I managed. This stream is very scenic, but the locals like to poach in the Fly Fishing Area so you never know what to expect. I managed 6 trout in the first run and it was slow going from there, not bad for an hour and a half though. I did see a few stoneflies dancing around but no risers.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Utah Trip Review

Downtown Park City
Red Rock Brewery Is Top Notch!
I was really impressed with the ease of this trip. The Salt Lake City Airport did a fantastic job of turning our baggage quickly and the rental car facility was right at the airport. It's a smaller airport but much more efficient then bigger ones. With-in 40 minutes of getting the rental car we were at our condo which is much quicker then getting to resorts around Reno or Denver. We stayed at a condo right across the street from the Canyons for a very reasonable price. I think for 3 of us it was $400 a person for 7 nights. We were only a 4 minute drive from downtown Park City and 8 minutes from Deer Valley. So within a 10 minute drive you have 3 resorts......big plus for Park City.

Wasatch View From The Plane
Thank You Canyons!
Getting to Little Cottonwood Canyon is a little longer but still under an hour. There are ton's of places to eat and shop so basically everything you need is right there. The crowds were nothing like they were in Colorado and even a bit less then Lake Tahoe, so lift lines were nil. The vertical at Colorado was better for sure and maybe even a little less then Lake Tahoe. But, if you want to experience the greatest snow on earth there is no better place to try then Utah. I really enjoyed it and hope to get back soon!

Headed Down From The Canyons

Free Concert!

Hello Wasatch Mountains

Park City Mountain Resort

View From PCMR
I was still hurting pretty bad on the last day of our trip. That didn't stop me though, Mindy and I headed out to PCMR on a 38 degree bluebird day. I have heard from a few people that PCMR isn't the best of places to ski. After putting in 4 hours on the mountain I couldn't disagree more! I think the mountain is set up very conveniently for all skill sets. The top is all double blacks, the middle has some blacks, and the lower end has all really good blues. I liked the width of all the slopes, they can accommodate a bunch of skiers, and they maintain their pitch and length better then Canyons and Deer Valley in my opinion.

King Con High Speed Quad View
Mindy and I spent the majority of the time skiing blues off the King Con Hi-Speed Quad. Sitka and Shamus were groomed to perfection and I even started skiing more aggressive but  my back kept me in check for most of the day. It looked like the Jupiter Lift accessed most of the bowls with-in the PCMR boundaries which is nice because of the easy access. Overall I was extremely impressed with PCMR, so much so I hope to have a return visit when the back is feeling better.

Taking It In One Last Time

Canyons Resort

Awesome View At The Top!
After resting my back for a few day's we headed out to explore Canyons Resort which was located right across the street from our Town House. I was hurting pretty bad on this one so I didn't get to explore as much as I would of liked. Canyons boasts the most acreage of any ski resort in Utah so the place was big. We started skiing off the Orange Bubble Express Lift. We did a few laps on a nice pitched run called Eclipse. The snow was very good and the groomers did a great job the night before. I could tell right away this place was more similar to the resorts we skied in Colorado. The vertical drop was a bit longer and the slopes were a bit wider. There was plenty of terrain to occupy beginners and advanced riders. There was one section I didn't like and that was the majority of the terrain off the Tombstone lift. I didn't get to ride any of the black diamonds but the blues were very flat and winding. The snow stayed good most of the day and we had a great time. I would have no problem going back to ski the canyons.

Mid Station 

No Snow In The Valley
Great Terrain 

Alta Ski Resort: The Skiers Mountain

Typical Powder Day At Alta
I woke up on day #2 and looked out the window. To my delight 4 inches of fresh had fallen. I quickly checked my onthesnow app and BAM!!!! Alta received 8 inches of snow! We had planned on skiing there later in the week but I knew they were notorious for dumbing down their storm totals so we packed up and headed toward Little Cottonwood Canyon. The drive from Park City took about 50 minutes. When we got to Snow Bird it was DUMPING! I couldn't wait to strap on the boots at Alta. We jumped on the Collins lift and on the ride up got too see numerous people eating face shots left and right! We got off the lift and jumped into the Ballroom Bowl. I got 10 turns in knee deep UTAH POWDER. There was at least 18 inches of light fluffy powder to shred. This is why I came out......I got lucky and hit an awesome day.

East Greenley, The Very Top Is Where The Best Powder Was
The snow stayed fresh for a few runs in the Ballroom Bowl. I got a little too crazy and tweaked my back!!! I was extremely pissed off but adrenaline kicked in and I manged to finish out the day. We explored the backside a bit and I was extremely impressed. We did numerous runs off the Sugarloaf Lift and even got to traverse over to East Greenly, a nice open bowl section with good pitch. By 1pm my back couldn't take anymore and we decided to leave.

View Coming Down Little Cottonwood Canyon
This is my second visit to Alta and both times I've been lucky enough to experience good snow falls.  The terrain here is perfect, you get off a lift and can pretty much go wherever you want, there are not many designated slopes so this place isn't for the average skier. They get 500+ inches of annual Utah Powder.....I can see why so many hard core skiers love this mountain. Alta goes to the top of my list as the best ski resort I have been too.

Deer Valley Utah

Mindy and Elizabeth were enjoying Nabob and Keno
Day #1 on our trip had has headed to Deer Valley Utah. I have read a bunch about this resort in the past few years. They are known for their customer service and grooming skills. We arrived early hoping to get lot's of untouched corduroy. We started off doing runs off the Sterling Express. This lift takes you to 9,400 foot Bald Mountain. Most of the runs off this lift are intermediate. We did Keno and Nabob quite a few times because of the nice corduroy. The snow was somewhat hard because of the warm weather the prior day so skiing was just "ok." The vertical on most runs here wasn't too impressive. I think the longest run we did was 1,500 feet or so. The slopes didn't have a ton of space on them either. No snowboarders are allowed here which is an added bonus. It was still a nice resort but if I went back to the Park City area I was by-pass this one for Canyons and Park City Mountain Resort

View From Deer Valley

View from Sterling Express Lift

Sunday, March 9, 2014

March Update

One of the few trout from this weekend
Well March is here but you wouldn't be able to tell because we still have a solid snow pack here in the Laurel Highlands and night-time lows are still dipping into the 20's. This weekend we had a pretty good break from the cold with lot's of sunshine and temp's in the 40's. I was able to get the fly rod out and fish two tailwaters, one on Friday and another today. A few patterns that have been productive this winter have all of a sudden stopped working. The fish seem to have dialed it back a notch too. Nymphing was tough on both streams and I only manged a few trout, all coming on my second trip. By looking at the 10 day forecast it looks like spring is right around the corner though, a brief cold spell early this week will give away to warmer temps later on. Hopefully it will heat the waters up and get fish active again.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Hopper Juan: Damsels in Distress Video

The Hopper Juan: Damsels in Distress Video: Check out this awesome short video.  Make sure you watch this in HD! Damsels in Distress from Sharptail Media on Vimeo .

Monday, February 24, 2014

Obsession Trailer: Big Browns In Oregon

Take a look at this video......awesome trout for sure!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter Fishing: Knee Deep Snow

I had the 18th lined up in my Calendar for 2 weeks now. The plan was to to put a full-day in and slaughter fish Tight-Lining. Well a chiropractor appointment in the morning didn't allow me to start fishing till 11. The 20-30 mph winds didn't allow me to Tight-Line and the snow on the bank was 2 feet deep! I rigged up anyway and eventually got myself to the water and was chucking line against the wind by 11:30.

Break in the wind fish
I walked down to the Falling Rock Hole and planned to work my way back up to the truck. The water was as low as I've fished it this year. I was hoping the heavy weights and TB attached to the line would help the cast and it did. What didn't help was the wind blowing my line unnaturally, this caused my drifts to be out of wack the majority of the day. When I did get a break in the wind I manged to present flies good enough to catch some fish. Although numbers didn't get in the 20's like I had hoped I still manged to pick up a decent amount of fish throughout the day to keep things interesting. It wasn't the best day but at least I was fishing and not working!

Working my way upstream

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winterfishing: Ripping Lips

Dark Colored Brown
This guy was mixed in with some browns
The lack of posting hasn't been for lack of fishing that's for sure! I took my annual recruiting trip up to PSU and was able to get out on the water a few times while I was there. In certain areas the fish were stacked up in pools resulting in fun fishing under the Bobber. Depending on where you fish, the faster water with slower pockets also produced extremely well with the right fly choice. I ventured closer to home today and experienced the same productive results. I modified my leader system and my Tight-Lining Technique really has produced for me. A bunch of snagged fish early on under the TB has turned to great hook-ups in the mouth as of late. I'm sold on the effectiveness of Tight-Lining, although it does require much more work than the standard TB set-up, but I'll take it if the fish keep coming to hand like this.

I was pumped with how this one turned out

Biggest Fish Of The Day Closer To Home

Central PA Beauty 

Mike with a FREAK!

Watch Out For Those Icebergs!

Mike with a Male Brown

The Walk In Was Nice

Big Spots